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        About Us
        Management Team      

        Hou Yunde

        --- Founder of the Company
        Graduated from Tongji University, School of Medicine in 1955;
        Graduated from USSR Academy of Medical Sciences and awarded with Doctor's Degree in 1962
        Working Experience:
        From 1985 to 1996 

        Director of Virology Research Institute in Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine,
        Director of WHO China Virus Research Center,
        Director of national Key Laboratory of Virus Genetic Engineering
        From 1986 to 1996  
        High-tech Development Plan of National Science and Technology Commission of China  Chief scientist in the field of biotechnology
        From 1992 to 1998 
        Chairman of Beijing Tri-Prime Genetic Engineering Co., Ltd.
        From 1998 to Date  
        Deputy director and academician in National Academy of Engineering
        From 2008 to Date  
        CTO of severe infectious disease of Chinese Ministry of Health

        Cheng Yongqing
        Chairman & President

        ---Founder of the Company

        From 1980 to 1984   Major in pharmacy in School of Pharmacy, West China of Medical Sciences, Sichuan University (former West China Medical University) and awarded with Bachelor's Degree in Medical Science
        From 1988 to 1991   Major in pharmaceutical biotechnology in Graduate School, Peking Union Medical College and awarded with Master's Degree in Medical Science
        From 1996 to 1998   Awarded with MBA in China Europe International Business School 

        Working Experience:
        From 1984 to 1988  

        Deputy director of Technological Development Department of Beijing Pharmaceutical Factory
        From 1990 to 1998  

        China KZ Hi-tech (Investment) Co., Ltd. General Manager of Medical & Biological Business Division

        General Manager of French Kaituo International Co., Ltd.

        From 1992 to 2015  

        General Manager of Beijing Tri-Prime Genetic Engineering Co., Ltd.

        From 2015 to date  

        Chairman & President of Beijing Tri-Prime Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.